St. Joseph Shelter of Hope is a faith-based NGO and, whose social and economic transformational impact has persistently kept on winning the hearts of donors and beneficiaries in the entire Taita Taveta County and beyond for the last sixteen years. Founded in 1999 by Sr. Genovefa Maashao of Sisters of St. Joseph Mombasa archdiocese, the organization sought to combat illnesses and effects of HIV/ AIDS. Sixteen years on, the organization is still fully dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS, illiteracy and poverty on the frontlines partnering with local communities churches and relevant authorities, to sensitize, provide medication and develop community – led initiatives to prevent new HIV infections, fight barriers to treatment, eradicating illiteracy , life degrading poverty, and ending discrimination resulting from the pandemic. In addition to this, our organization is also designed to address cultural needs of PLWH, (People Living With HIV) and general patients, who are not living with HIV - together with OVC - (Orphans and Vulnerable Children), in a three- pronged approach: education for all, nutrition and high quality health care and medication.  As a result of high demand for high quality general health services, we have adopted a wide approach which has a sharp focus, in equal measure, on other illnesses. As a result of this need, there has been a need to elevate our health centre to a fully fledged hospital.